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Hi and thanks for visiting JanCanCook! This food blog site was created, designed, named and presented to me as a birthday gift in December 2009 from my husband, Peter. He chose the name of the blog as a play on the name of the cooking show, Yan Can Cook, which my father and I watched together when I was growing up. I was born and raised in Hawaii where so many cultures' cuisines come together, have lived in Florida where I learned to love Cuban and Jewish influenced food, and now am lucky to live in Tokyo, one of the world's most impressive gastronomical cities. I am not a trained chef and have only the experience of cooking at home day to day, learning the hard way, through lots of trials and errors how better to make a dish. I hope by sharing some of my recipes that you will be inspired to cook or bake at home and bring a smile to those around you. My late father inspired me to cook, my husband inspires me to write, my daughter inspires me to make good food, and I hope to keep doing what I love, eating!

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