Yamaimo Benefits

A Japanese news report last week stated that research indicated the yamaimo (Japanese yam) could have an effect in reducing the disease-causing betamyloids in Alzheimer's patients. When tested on mice with Alzheimer's symptoms who were given diosgenin, which is found naturally in yamaimo, the mice displayed some improvement in memory. This is good news and hopefully will be a promising avenue to pursue in the quest for a cure, particularly in light of the disappointing news on the failed drug trial for bapineuzumab. I love yamaimo and in the summer, grated over soba (buckwheat noodles) it is so refreshing. I'll have to serve this more to my mother and to us; good thing we like it!


More information on the versatile yamaimo, also known as nagaimo, tororoimo and yamatoimo can be found at this link. Yamaimo is very mild in taste, slimy to the touch and crispy in texture. Just simply julien the peeled yam, splash a bit of soy sauce over and try to keep the tuber from slipping from your chopsticks as you enjoy its gooey goodness. It can be grated into batters for savory pancakes (okonomiyaki) or for tempura or another traditional way of enjoying it: grated with some soy sauce and poured over hot rice with barley. Simple and healthy, try it!

Posted By: Jan Opdahl
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