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Posted By: Jan Opdahl

It's been hot and cold so far this summer in Tokyo, very weird weather. But I'm not complaining of the cool 23 degree C winds right now, unbelievable for the first day of August! In the middle of summer, I decided to fry chicken, also unbelievable considering we still have not turned on the air conditioner yet, but it was one of the cooler days....

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Posted By: Jan Opdahl

It's nearly impossible to find fresh buttermilk here in Tokyo, so when Peter and I tossed around the idea of making homemade butter, I was more excited by the residual by-product than the butter itself. We decided to make the butter the old-fashioned way, with a butter churn. I found a vintage Dazey churn I liked on eBay, had it shipped to my au...

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