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Walking to teach my class at St. Luke's College of Nursing the other day, I stopped by one of the vegetable stalls in the Tsukiji Outer Market area. I don't have much time to prepare dinner after class, so sometimes I try to pick up already marinated fish or fresh vegetables that will be fast and easy to prepare when I know I have nothing in the...

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On a rainy Saturday afternoon, after seeing our daughter off to the airport, Peter and I wandered around a farmer's market at Ark Hills in Akasaka. We've been disappointed at the ones nearer to our house and weren't expecting much, but we were surprised at the quality and variety at this one on this particular day. It seems the vendors change fr...

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Last month I visited a Japanese home to look at an old folding screen, and while I was there I was served akajiso (red perilla) juice. I'd never had this refreshing taste in juice before. My hostess had a bottle of the sweet akajiso syrup sitting on the table, and to serve it, she diluted it with some water. It's a different fl...

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Spring is finally here. Or so I thought a couple of weeks ago when it was so warm, it felt like I was being hugged the whole time I was outdoors. I love that feeling. Then the temperatures dropped and it felt like Old Man Winter came visiting again. I d...

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I'm in love...with Thomas Keller and his new cookbook, Ad Hoc at Home. I saw this hefty tome at the Tokyo American Club library the other day, sitting on the shelf like a wallflower, as if waiting for me to pick it up and ask it to dance. So I did, and I couldn'...

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