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Now that my daughter is back at college, the house is empty again, but for me and my mom since the hubby is away on business. And when it's hot and humid, the last thing you feel like doing is cooking over a hot stove. So for lunch, I needed something quick and simple with what was in the refrigerator: leftover rice, a big jar of kim chee and eg...

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It's fuyu time! As in Fuyu persimmons and fuyu as in winter. Late fall and early winter is when these beautiful, huge, sweet persimmons are shipped to us from a small farm in Nara. I had never had a better persimmon and every person we have given some to agree. They came a bit late this year, but I don't mind because they are picked onl...

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Peter came home with a treasure; a fresh matsutake mushroom from Tohoku. It was a gift from the region where employees of  Ito Corporation volunteered over the summer. They had sent a huge box of this autumnal delicacy foraged wild from the area, and it was shared among the volunteers. After all ...

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When it's hot, I don't feel like eating a big breakfast. And it's been so hot and humid, still. It's the middle of September, where's the cool fall weather? On days like this, a simple, fast and easy breakfast for me is a yogurt smoothie. I usually keep a stock of store-bought packaged berries in the freezer because they make great smoothies, bu...

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As a foreigner, one of the most wonderful things about living in Tokyo is the internationality of the city. You can find the world's best French, Italian, Asian, you name it, places to eat here. There are more Michelin three star-rated restaurants in Tokyo than in Paris!

Thanks to the fact that my daughter attended an international schoo...

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Fuki (butterbur) is ubiquitous in the markets come spring. The other day, a neighbor gave us a bag of these green stalks since he had been visiting his elderly mother out in the countryside. I thought a simmered pork dish would go well with this spring vegetable so I began the rather laborious process of prepping the fuki.

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What to have for lunch? I want something fast, something simple, something filling, and inevitably I turn to fried rice. We usually have left over rice in the house so this is an easy dish to whip up any time. The ingredient choices are endless. You can make this vegetarian by omitting the meat and in some cases, the egg as well, and it wi...

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