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Girls in white dresses and boys in blue blazers and ties made quite an impression on a cool, breezy Sunday morning in Carpinteria. It was commencement morning for 60 seniors, giddy with excitement as they waited in the McIntosh Room prior to the processional. When the school orchestra started to play Pomp and Circumstance, it ...

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I've been craving an apple pie since returning home from a ski trip to Nagano. I had brought home some omiyage (the sometimes, but not in this case, obligatory souvenir gifts from a trip) for my mother's friends who had kept an eye on her while Peter and I were away. This time, the gift was a baked apple pie from a bakery adjacent to Na...

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I've been meaning to post this gyoza (pot sticker) recipe for awhile now and am finally getting around to it. My daughter and I decided to make our own gyoza skins because doing that really elevates this humble dumpling to another level. Unlike books or people, in the case of the gyoza, the outside matters just as much as the inside.

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I love Japanese stationery. There's delicate, silky, fibrous washi paper, and there are artsy, funky graphic designs, and then there's the kawaii (cutesy) stuff with Engrish. I had to buy this one:  "Girl who is wearing red food." It's decorated with a picture of a forest and a path, with a little g...

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