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Another use of the piri piri sauce: piri piri mayonnaise. Just mix in as much of the sauce as you would like to some mayonnaise and you have a tasty dipping sauce for karaage, which are bite-sized, boneless, fried chicken. In Japan, you can conveniently find already cut up chicken thigh pieces ready for frying at any grocery store. You ...

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I adore a good burger. This one is simple, but you do need to make your own hamburger buns, it really makes all the difference. These buns are not too soft and squishy and can stand up to the multiple layerings of a burger. Make a double batch of the buns and stick them in the freezer -- good advice from the author of the recipe below.


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In our Mita neighborhood, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, there's a fish truck that parks in front of the Za Sakaya, a shop selling alcohol and discounted imported snacks. The fish guy turns on his loud speaker that blasts a catchy song, "Kawaii, kawaii, sakanaya-san..." (literally translated as: cute, cute, fish seller...), his v...

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