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Walking to the grocery store the other week, I spotted something bright red among the stalls at the open market in the Patio Juban. One of the vendors was selling to my surprise and delight, rhubarb! The stalks were thin and some were completely green, but some stalks had red hues graduating to green. I bought a bunch and made a pie again and wi...

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My favorite culinary mystery writer, Diane Mott Davidson, is back with a new novel, Crunch Time. It's number 16 in the Goldy Schulz series about the capers of a caterer in Colorado, and I'm about a quarter of the way through. The novel is interspersed wi...

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My mother visited her sisters and her old high school friends in Hiroshima last week. My mother has been living with us since my father passed away, and upon her return home, she presented me with a gift from my aunt. It was a homemade fish scale scraper, see photo above. I laughed out loud as soon as I saw it, knowing what it was. I have a bona...

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I saw this sculptural Romanescu cauliflower at the vegetable stand the other day, and just had to try it. Roasting is my method of choice for cauliflower, but I thought braising it in a cream sauce might be good too. So I tried it both ways, and yes, I do like it roasted best. It's so simple too. Just cut up the cauliflower into bite-sized flore...

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