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Wiki wiki means very quick in Hawaiian, and I titled my stained, handwritten recipe for banana bread just that, Wiki Wiki Banana Bread. I don't know where I originally got the recipe, but I do know that I've been making this same recipe for many years now. The only other thing I will add is that you must use very, very ripe, mushy black...

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This year's summer garden planting isn't going too well. The cucumber and eggplant in the Topsy Turvys have fizzled and failed, my mustard leaves and arugula have been ravaged by the mustard white butterfly larvae and the six Pineapple Tomato plants have so far produced one fruit! I ended up picking the watermelon radish a bit too early, the cen...

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Another item on the White Day menu was pizza, with white mushrooms. I could have used an assortment of white mushrooms available here, such as enoki or maitake, but my daughter insisted on the white button mushroom. Ma...

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"You will become infatuated with socioeconomics. This knowledge could come in handy someday." This was one of the custom fortunes that my daughter thought up for her White Day party fortune cookie favors. Or how about this one, "Like a German Shepherd, you are loyal. You will display this loyalty in the near future, but be warned; the road will ...

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