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Mint Pocky

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It was another long, hot summer in Tokyo, and luckily, there was no need for rolling blackouts as Tepco had ominously warned due to the shortage of electrical power. But it wasn't mere luck, it was sheer will power on the part of Tokyo businesses and residents as we conserved energy usage so much that for the entire summer and in particular, the month of August, generally the hottest time of the summer with the highest usage of air conditioning, we were constantly under capacity. That's amazing. A little sacrifice for the greater good.

To try to stay cool, I ate a lot of mint. Mint Pocky, that is. You've probably seen the regular chocolate-covered Pocky sticks, but these are a limited edition, and will not be in stores for much longer. They taste like the Girl Scouts' Thin Mints, and I can't get enough of them. Every time I go to the grocery store, I plop a few of these boxes in my basket and stick them in the fridge. I'm running low on my stash, but now that the humidity and heat of the summer may be gone, I may be okay. But maybe not, like Thin Mints these Mint Pocky probably freeze well. Stay cool!