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Red Radish Harvest

It was cold and rainy in Tokyo while I was in sunny LA, Carpinteria and Vegas, visiting relatives, my daughter and slot machines, respectively. The trip turned into something of a mini reunion with a handful of cousins from Hawaii deciding to meet up in Las Vegas. Vegas is a prime destination for Hawaii locals, and the downtown hotels and casinos cater specifically to them. I mean, really, where else in Vegas can you get grilled miso butterfish with rice? Or Portuguese sausage with eggs in the morning? Or Spam musubi? Some treasured moments from my trip have to be eating saimin with my aunt and cousins at 2am at the California Hotel in dowtown Vegas after The Jersey Boys show (which I highly recommend!) and a walk on the Strip; seeing my 80 year-old aunt and my 78 year-old mother link arms and dance during the Fremont Street Experience; and most of all, spending time with my daughter and witnessing her blossoming into a mature young lady.

I went away for 10 days and when I returned to Tokyo a different kind of blossoming had occurred. Checking on my fledgling vegetable garden, I see bright red bulges popping up from the dirt! Red radishes ready to be picked and eaten. I harvested five radishes as I only planted six seeds. But this has given me some confidence, and I just planted more radish seeds to start the process over. I'm learning as I grow!


How to Sell Watermelon


Walking through Shibuya Station yesterday, the fruit stand, Hayashi Fruits in the Tokyu Department Store, caught my eye. I had seen a square watermelon before, but not a triangular one. How about a heart-shaped one? Yes, there they were, on display next to the huge box of a watermelon.


I told the Hayashi Fruit salesperson that the shapely watermelons were very cute, and he said that they are, but that they aren't very tasty. It sure made me want to buy them! Not that I ever would, mind you, not even for the novelty of them. And especially not at those prices! At today's rate, that's $104 for the watermelon pyramid and $194 for the cube!


But how about this one? It's dynamite!




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