Chicken Nabe

It's raining and it's cold today. A perfect day for nabe (hot pot). This one is with ground chicken scraped directly into the pot. Add any favorite vegetables, and you're ready for a meal on the table, literally. The soup base can be plain water, chicken stock or dashi. For this particular nabe, I used potatoes, shitake mushrooms, shishito peppers, daikon, mizuna, tofu and napa cabbage.

The season for nabe is here. Maybe next time, I'll make a spicy kimchee nabe or a pork nabe with grated daikon or a fish/crab nabe. The possibilities are endless!



To serve the chicken nabe, just squeeze some lemon juice to shoyu in individual bowls, then pick out some chicken balls and veggies and enjoy. I happened to have some Okinawan lime (shikwasa) and made a sauce from that.


After the chicken and veggies have been eaten, the remaining soup in the nabe pot makes a great base for a rice soup or noodle soup. Just add some beaten eggs and green onions at the very end, after boiling some cooked rice or pre-boiled noodles. So easy and so nice on a cold day. Stay warm!

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