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The summer is coming to an end although in the heat of the day it still feels like August with temperatures hovering around 32C. And with the close of summer it's time to say sayonara to the peach or momo, my favorite Japanese fruit. As a farewell to summer, I decided to make a momo tart for a dinner I was invited to this weeke...

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There's nothing better than a little aloha in the morning. I made some malasadas, Portuguese style donuts, the kind I grew up eating on Hawaii, for a coffee morning and for my mother's daycare center, Inana. In Hawaiian, inana means "to come to life or to become healthy again" and is such a fitting name for an elder care center, whose p...

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It's the time of year to stay warm, and one sure way to heat the house up is by baking. I've been baking chocolate cakes, apple turnovers, oven-braised beef cheeks and gingery molasses cookies. These molasses cookies are from the White House kitchen, and the

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A Japanese friend took me to the Shitamachi area for a lunch outing last month, and I enjoyed it so much that when a friend from Arizona came visiting this past week, I took her to the same place. We strolled down Ningyocho's

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I had a sudden craving for cinnamon buns. The weekend was coming up and what better way to spend a Saturday morning than making and eating freshly baked cinnamon rolls? So I rolled up my sleeves and went to work. I had bought some Minneola tangelos and thought it might be interesting to see if the two would make a nice pair. I grated the zest of...

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When Michael Ruhlman posted a buttermilk dinner rolls recipe on his blog, ruhlman.com, I just had to try it. I'm always on the lookout for a good roll recipe. The problem is that I can't find buttermilk here in Tokyo. I've often substituted half yogurt and half milk whene...

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Do you like my find from the flea market? My copper kettle is decorated with matsu (pine) needles, symbols of good fortune, all around the body; And better still, won't rust like the black nobby iron ones. This one was used as a mizusashi, or water container, in the Japanese tea ceremony, but I was told by the seller that I cou...

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